Ag Leader Incommand 800 Display and intergrated steering for JD 6R/7R tractors

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Kit consists of

  • Incommand 800G 8.4inch display setup to do Steering and Guidance only.
  • GPS7500 with 12 month subscription to Terrastar-L (antenna upgradeable to RTK if needed)
  • Steercommand Z2 and hardware to connect to John Deere 6R/7R tractors.

This kit works off the factory switch on the armrest, offering Straight AB, Adaptive and Identical Curve lines and Smartpath with smoothing options. All AB lines and Boundaries are Saved for easy recall, in a Display that is easy to use and complete with 2 year warranty.

Call for Pricing!

If you have a different Tractor or more specific requirements get in touch with us, and we can tailor a system to suit your needs

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