Bonilla Seed Tab



Needham Ag Bonilla Seed Tabs are designed to install on John Deere 50 and 90 series openers (NOT 60 SERIES TWO PIECE BOOTS). They are tapered to match the shape of the seed slot and are almost twice as thick as the OEM (factory) seed tabs. A thicker, more rigid tab is very important to help direct seeds down into the bottom of the seed slot, unlike most other seed tabs on the market which flex upwards too easily(especially in no-till conditions) allowing seeds to escape out from the seed slot, which is a very expensive problem.

NOTE :- The existing 1/4″ mounting bolts can be used to mount the Bonilla Seed Tabs on John Deere 50 series standard wear and John Deere 50 series extended wear boots, in addition to the John Deere 90 series standard wear seed boots. A LONGER BOLT IS REQUIRED WITH THE JOHN DEERE 90 SERIES EXTENDED WEAR SEED BOOT. You can tell if the seed boots are extended wear by looking at the part number, if they end in 24 or 25, then they are extended wear. If the part number ends in 44 or 45, then they are standard wear. Alternatively, if you look at the bottom of the seed boot (where the seed tab mounts), if that hole is threaded, its standard wear. If it has a U shaped clip, its extended wear.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 18 × 2 × 1 cm
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