Firming Wheel Arm Bushing Kit (For 60 and 90 Series Openers Only)



Our firming wheel arm pins are made from high quality heat treated steel, with the highest hardness value of all pins tested in 2018 (+/- 60, measured on the Rockwell C scale). These pins are then precision ground for maximum smoothness and minimum friction.

Our yellow poly bushings have been tested for 4 seasons on high acre per row openers in dry/dusty/windy conditions (which are the environments for maximum wear), and we have found their life matches (or exceeds) factory firming wheel arm pivots without lubrication, and no seizing up problems have been reported (unlike the steel bushings). Our yellow poly bushings don’t require greasing because they incorporate teflon, which acts as a lubricant to lower the friction around our smooth precision ground closing and firming wheel arm pins. Our yellow poly bushings are much easier to install than factory and after-market steel bushings.

We supply 2 x seals per row to keep dust and moisture out of the firming wheel arm pivot assembly.

We supply a 1” ID grade 8 washer to help remove the side to side play, which is often present within openers with enough accumulated acres as the main opener casting wears against the firming wheel arms.

We supply a new grade 8 – 5/8” grade 8 flange lock nut, as the existing lock nuts frequently don’t have sufficient torque to hold the assembly tight, after the existing nut/bolt has been torqued, re-torqued and removed.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 7 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm
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