Heavy Duty Spoked 3 x 16″ Narrow Gauge Wheel Assembly With Urethane Tire



  • We don’t encourage growers to plant in mud, but we understand that there are often examples where perhaps 95 percent of a field is dry enough to plant, but the remaining areas of the field are low or wet spots which you have to plant though. Its these small areas of the fields which often cause gauge wheels to plug with mud, so for these conditions we offer spoked narrow gauge wheel assemblies.
  • The Needham Ag Spoked 3 x 16″ Narrow Gauge Wheel Assembly comes ready to bolt on, and features a heavy duty ductile iron tri-spoked center with a large open area to allow wet soil to escape. It also has 9 nuts/bolts which securely hold the center to the wheel halves, not 6 like the OEM versions.
  • Nuts and bolts are stainless steel, not grade 3 or 5 steel bolts, like our competition uses.
  • The proven 3″ Needham Ag urethane tire provides excellent durability, especially when       no-tilling into short soybean stubble or cotton stubble. ASTM D-1938 lab testing has shown our urethane gauge wheel tires last around 7 times longer than factory rubber tires. Field testing has confirmed similar increases in performance. For example, we have growers who didn’t make it through the first season with their rubber gauge wheel tires, so they purchased our urethane gauge wheel tires and have ran them for 7-8 years in similar conditions without a tire failure.
  • The Needham Ag Spoked 3 x 16″ Narrow Gauge Wheel Assembly also comes standard with the long life Peer SeedXTreme bearing.

Additional information

Weight 7.3 kg
Dimensions 41 × 41 × 7.5 cm
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