Ag Leader Technology, the window on your operation.

In 1986 in from a Basement in Iowa, Al Myers started the development of the Ag Leader Yield Monitor, after 6 years of prototype testing on his father’s farm in 1992 Ag Leaders YM2000 yield monitor was released. With number 25 off the assembly line making it to a well-known Waikato Maize grower. The Yield Monitor was arable farmers first real insight into what is happening in field, Valuable data for farmers to implement decision making processes to improve on farm performance. Early Yield monitor owners used the data to soil sample in low yield regions to try and understand what is happening in those areas, even use the data to prove the viability of drainage.

25 years on Ag Leader is still leading the industry in innovation on farm covering all aspects of farm operations. The Core of Precision Agriculture is still the same, Record output then tailor your production system to get the best return on investment now, and in the future. While maintaining farming system that is sustainable long term. Ag Leader has grown into Steering, Guidance, Application Control, Planter Control, Water Management, Data Management and of course they still lead the industry in Yield Monitoring.

With a Complete product line, there is something for every operation on farm, and for every farmer. From Basic Guidance displays for spraying and spreading on a dairy farm to their latest product to enter the market, the Suredrive Electric drive hardware for Maize planters, Ag Leader continues to innovate and offer hardware that help drive efficiency in your enterprise.

Located in the Heartland of America, Ag Leaders hardware is fully made in America to a very high standard, and with many of the engineers, managers, and support staff and local dealers also farmers. They offer solutions that not only do the best job in field, but present the best Data in the office. With their cloud based data management solutions and Agfiniti Ipad map, a data management solution can be tailor to your needs, to meet your modern farms requirements, and best of all, it’s your data, no one else’s.

With Ag Leaders Colour blind approach, a solution to your requirements is often closer than you think, with hardware fitting many different brands, new and experienced machines can be fitted with the latest technology to improve efficiency on farm. You don’t have to use the Precision Farming hardware offered by the local tractor dealers, you have a choice, don’t let your suppliers dictate your farming needs, they may be selling you a poorly supported or end of line product. Because Ag Leader Hardware is modular, move it from machine to machine, and often you have an old Ag Leader display, you can upgrade it using all your existing hardware, further extending the usefulness of your hardware purchase

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