Needham Ag seed boot bushing kits.

The John Deere 750A is a very popular Seed Drill here in New Zealand, for both Arable farmers and contractors who require a strong multipurpose machine.

Over the Years these machines have been Fitted with the John Deere 50, 60 (two piece) and 90 series openers commonly found on there American counter parts. The JD 750A is a European designed machine the the American row units installed. The great thing about this is the choices growers have when it comes to parts to improve the machines in field performance. We are able to supply improved gauge wheels, HD boots, seed tabs, discs, Spiked closing wheels, all designed to improve wear, and improve seed placement to maximise your Return on Investments, after all no two businesses are the same.

In this Focus I want to talk about one product that every JD 750A needs and that is the Needham Ag Boot Bushing kits. As wear accumulates on the boots, they wear the holes and bolt that holds them on leading to a large amount of vertical play in the boot leading to poor seed placement in the seed trench. To see more click the Link below.

Youtube – Needham Ag When to replace seed boots

As you Can see in the images above the high grade heat treated Needham Ag bushings are located in the seed boot in larger holes, and the Grade 9 bolt goes through them and attaches to the frame like the picture on the right. Correctly tightening the bolt allows the bushes to pull tight on the frame, removing the play.

Taking the time to install these kits will allow better seed depth placement giving more consistent emergence, the plants will grow at the same speed, improving spray application windows, plant maturity and ultimately help you to maximise profitability in your operation.

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  1. suis intéressé par ces pièces pour rattraper le jeu sur un semoir 4 m je suis en france 0687497201

    1. Hello, I have emailed you, Phil at NeedhamAg in America will be able to help you with your needs

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