Entry Level Guidance with the Ag Leader Compass.

When you buy a sprayer you often get a foam marker or option of one to help you drive minimizing gaps or overlap, but why would you take one? The Ag Leader Compass display is the perfect entry level GPS Display, capable of helping you drive straighter, minimize overlap and gaps in you spraying, spreading, even hay mowing! Imagine pulling into your field with a hay mower and striking a parallel land in the field with no time wasting point rows,  measuring the size of a field to rent, or even drawing a straight line for a electric fence through a kale crop! The value of GPS on farm is not limited to the big boys, benefits can be found in many parts of your enterprise.

Here in New Zealand you will find Ag Leader hardware in all aspects of Agriculture and the Ag Leader Compass has found a strong home as a entry level display for larger farms and a valuable tool in pastoral based farms requiring Accuracy spreading Fertilizer and Spraying out fields. With its simple to use 7 inch touch screen, and high quality GPS receiver its the natural choice compared to others in the industry and at a much better price point.

With its large memory it doesn’t fill up with jobs fast, able to draw and save every field on your farm. Using Straight, Adaptive and Identical Curve Lines and Smartpath guidance patterns and a large easy to see lightbar you are more accurate then just colouring the screen like other units do.


Ag Leader is a Company Based in the Heartland of America. Proudly American made by people who also farm, Ag Leader has been building quality hardware for 25 years to meet the demands of changing Agriculture Worldwide.

If you want to know more about the Ag Leader Compass or any other of the Ag Leader product please call us on 0275 083 789 or email matthew@unearthag.com.


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