Applying Nitrogen using Chafer Stream Bars.

Traditionally here in New Zealand Nitrogen is applied to crops in the form of Urea, but why? When it is handled in the stores you end up with different particles sizes and sometimes a very inconsistent product, resulting in a poor spread pattern in the field. Also given the fact that two spinner spreaders work on a overlap, if you don’t compensate for this on the boundary of your field you run the risk of the crop next to the fence running out of nitrogen, or the neighbors field or the side of the road getting the benefit of your valuable inputs.

Ever wondered how to get the most from your large sprayer investment on farm? Chafer Stream Bars attached to your existing sprayers nozzle bodies to allow your sprayer to be converted to apply nutrients like UAN (32-0-0) without burning your crop such as wheat or Barley. By applying the product in large droplets they roll off the leaf to the soil, and maximise uptake with out doing a rain dance. Boom sprayers have consistent application rates across the whole boom, you can apply product in confidence that the product is being applied in the right place. Using the tramlines you have minimizing the chance of crop being run down, or clearance being a issue.

With the large droplet size there is less drift, UAN will run through most standard sprayers, and in the future it is the perfect medium to look at micro nutrient application to help boost crop performance.

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Click here for Video Post application UAN in wheat using Chafer


With Dickie DirectMainland MineralsFertco and many others, able to offer UAN Fertiliser and Soluble Micro Nutrients, now it is easy to source the right products to maximise your Return on Investment in your enterprise.

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