In the peak of the season, Most spray trucks work all day everyday, drivers a busy shifting gear, watching the speed, watching the sprayer, watching for holes in the ground, keeping the boom away from fences etc. The ARAG IBX100 is a all in one spray controller design as a ISOBUS controller to to make life easier behind the wheel. Together with AgTech Hawkes Bay Ltd (ARAG Authorised Dealers) we can set your new or existing sprayer up to be the best in the industry, and provide industry leading support to ensure downtime is minimal.

The ARAG controller is designed to:

  • Intergrate with Compatable ISOBUS displays allowing for 100% control from one screen.
  • Provide Section Control and Rate Control so you can focus on what is out the window, and drive to a speed that suits you.
  • Provides on Screen Pressure Feedback and Nozzle selection, ensuring the product is being applied correctly every time.
  • In Conjunction with ARAG’s AUX-N joystick provide all machine functions including all boom fold functions in the palm of you hand, with buttons configured to what you find easiest to use.
  • Minimal Cab Clutter, all that is in the cab is a Joystick and Display.
  • Want more? 3 Tier system, Boom Lights, individual nozzle body shut off……No Problem!

The Future is now, We can offer this straight forward setup together with your choice of Ag Leader, ARAG, and Raven Guidance displays, Proof of Placement with accuracy that exceeds what is considered the standard in NZ.

Sick of dealing with people in the industry who don’t know what they are doing or talking about, or who are only interested in flogging you old tech, With years of experience in the industry between us, and the Agricultural background, we can keep you going.

If you want to know more contact Matthew on 0275 083 789


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