Basically ISOBUS is a common language, a standard defined in the industry that manufacturers of farm implement controllers build too. This means you can utilise any controller with any display in your tractor as long as they are built to meet the ISOBUS standards required.

If you are looking at updating your sprayer, spreader, seeder, planter, we are able to provide you controllers that can plug and play with existing displays that may have come with your tractor for steering purposes. Often giving you a less cluttered cab, and full functionality of Auto Section Shut off, Variable rate ability all in one display that the operator probably already knows how to use, on a new machine or one your are already familiar with.

This all sounds complicated, but for the end user it gives a much easier system to use, for as simple or as complex task as required, and as the demands change, we can upgrade the controllers to do more.

If your looking to upgrade your sprayer, spreader etc, we have controllers from ARAG and Raven that can be tailored to your situation, with the support you need to keep going when you need it. Whether you need a 5 section sprayer, or a fully function 128 section 3 tier system with built in boom fold, switchable nozzle lights etc, we can set your machine up to do it all in one console.

If your looking at upgrading your seeder or planter this winter, the ARAG and RAVEN Isobus controllers are capable of controlling multiple products and planter functions through the one controller, on the one display in your tractor. Dry Fert, Hyd or Electric planter control, Section shut off, Rate control,  Pre emerge or start fertiliser functions can all be combined into one place and set up to work seamlessly!

If you want to know more, Give us a call on 0275 083 789, we are happy to tailor a solution to suit your farming operation.

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