Ag Leader Yield Monitoring Tools.

Whether your running multiple Combine harvesters of different colours in one field, or one combine with multiple trucks and chaser bins, Ag Leader has a solution to improve infield efficency, and collect information to drive productivity.

Yield Monitor in JD header

DisplayCast. Running Ag Leader hardware in multiple machines allows data sharing by Displaycast between machines, whether its two combines, one combine and a chaser bin, or multiple machines including trucks with iPad Apps. Everyone can see area’s covered, where the machines are allowing efficiency in and outside the field.

CastAce. Running Ag Leader steering hardware in both the harvester(s) and Chaser bin(s) allows Line sharing for AB lines, allowing the chaser bin to autosteer next to the combine unloading on the move, helping the operators to avoid collision. CartAce also has the added ability to utilise a grain bin sensor, allowing the chaser bin operators to monitor progress and avoid downtime.

Map Layers. when planting data is available in the monitor Planter Base layers can be added to the run screen of the Combines Yield Monitor. Perfect for Commercial Trials, giving the operator to see the different varieties in the Field.

Calibration. In a Hurry? can’t Calibrate the Yield Monitor of the first day of harvest? Don’t worry, Ag Leaders Yield Monitor will back date calibrations.

AutoSwath. Like Ag Leader Sprayers, their Yield Monitors automatically reduce the coverage width to reflect area being harvested, ensuring only the best most reliable data is presented.

Data Processing with SMS. Finally once all field work is complete and data is back on your computer, SMS has a host of powerful tools to help you build reliable data sets for decision making next season. Multiple year Analysis, Financial GM tools, Prescription creation, Downloadable Sentinel Data tools are just some of the powerful tools available in SMS to ensure you have the right information for next season

Prescription Creation in Ag Leader SMS
Profit/Loss Tools in SMS Advanced

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