50 Series Seed Boot Bushing Kit



The 50 series seed boot bushing kit is designed to install within one row of a John Deere 750, early 750A or 1850 opener. The kits includes a tapered bushing, a parallel bushing, plus a grade 9 x 3/8″ bolt and a grade 9 x 3/8″ lock-nut (with loctite to help stop the nut coming loose over time).

Needham Ag Seed Boot Bushings are manufactured from a high grade, heat treated stainless steel material to provide excellent durability without corrosion and long life.  The bushing kit also allows growers to move the boot from the middle hole to the lower hole in the arm, such as what’s often required when seeding small seeds (including canola or alfalfa) less than 1” deep.

Each kit is suitable to do one boot on one Row.

How are the bushings installed?

First, using a heavy drill press, the existing holes within the seed boots need to be drilled out with a 0.635” drill bit Next, the 5/8” bushings are  inserted into the seed boot lugs and the boots are installed on the arms and the 3/8″ bolts are pushed through the boot. Once the nuts are torqued, the bushings clamp tightly to the arm, so the boots pivot on the bushings. This is a long term fix, plus by extending the pivot points outwards it helps eliminate play over time.


Additional information

Weight 0.14 kg
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 2 cm
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