Integrating your Sprayer and Spreader to drive efficiency and future proof your operation.

Ag Leader displays are the hub of your application and precision farming operation on farm. With their ISOBUS connectivity and ability to integrate sprayer control, spreader control, steering, yield monitoring etc, these displays have the ability to control machinery and collect valuable data for reporting, and decision support.

Understanding where this hardware fits in your operation often is the part you need to know first, to best understand your hardware requirements and the end result. So I have done a couple common examples for you.


Example One: Intensive Sheep and Beef Operation, and Dairy Farm.

An  Ag Leader InCommand display in your main application tractor will allow you to control both fertiliser and sprayer Equipment with the one piece of hardware, and provide reporting once the job is complete.

If you are looking to replace your 3 point linkage spreader, consider purchasing one that is ISOBUS enabled, this will run in your Ag Leader Screen without having to buy a second manufacturers screen. It will give you High Quality proof of placement maps in your IPad for free, Variable Rate Ability, Record all your boundaries in one place, provide guidance to minimize overlap, and autosteer if required.

Once the spreading is done, connect up the sprayer, using the large plug at the back of the cab, then select the sprayer in your Ag Leader Display and your now ready to go. With the switch box mounted on the display and Ag Leaders wiring all the way to the control valves on your sprayer, you have complete control from one easy to use display. Like your spreader, you also get proof of placement maps with the Ipad App, or pull them off into a USB for processing in software on your own computer.

With Some Fertilisers now able to be liquid applied, the Ag Leader Hardware and Desktop Software has the ability of bringing all the information into one spot to simplify management of your business and provide data for Overseer. Controlling your main input applications on farm will give you are a large return on investment in your business. Technology is not expensive when you spread the value over many parts of your operation. From more efficient Granular fert and chemical application through reduced over lap, to being able to tailor application based on soils ability to hold nutrients. Not to mention reduced Costs of buying other ISOBUS displays, and ability to change and add to the system as your demands change. This technology is not limited to the large arable farmers anymore, and the best part of it all is its your data, its not your tractor manufacturers or your fertiliser companies, after all a server in a cloud is actually a computer in someone else office.


Example Two: Small intensive Arable farm.

Often Smaller arable farmers run one tractor on row-crop tires set up to do Spreading and Spraying with tramlines in field for guidance. Often these operations also have older combine harvesters.

Ag Leaders Colour Blind Modular approach allows a small farm that previously the hardware cost would have been too much, to use there Ag Leader display across multiple vehicles and operations to help keep the implementation cost down and maximise the return on investment by making many jobs more efficient.

In the Farms Application tractor, Like the previous example the farmer can enjoy the benefits of using only one screen in his tractor to control a spreader, or sprayer and autosteer if required. To switch between implements its as simple as unplugging the implement and change the Display Profile to the Task at hand. Both applications will give Variable Rate Control, Rate Control, Section Control, Guidance and Proof of placement Free with a IPad app or to your desktop computer.

When the Harvest Arrives Ag Leader InCommand Displays are actually the industries leading yield monitor. Taking the GPS and display from you Application tractor and fitting it to the combine with the Ag Leader Hardware mounted in the bin and clean grain elevator gives you the industries best report card, and decision support tool. No more listening to your seed rep about what varieties work best, or populations that suit his commission, try them in your own fields and see. No more listening to your fertiliser salesman tell you how much fertiliser you need, test it for yourself. Use the maps to understand you business more, and look deeper into the return on investment and efficiency that can be found on your farm.

At the End of the season you will then have on your computer (not someone elses!), the report card for your business, proof of placement maps to meet your overseer and grow-safe requirements, and most importantly the tools to help you drive performance in coming years.

Farming is no guessing game, we are driven to help you gain the most accurate information possible as a insight into your business. Its not about working harder, its about being more efficient too, having the right tools for the job and doing whats best for your business and environment. Give us a call if you want to talk more about how we can help you drive your businesses performance.

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