Building Your JD 750A to maximise planter effeciency and crop performance.

Do you own a JD 750a or larger air seeder with 90 series row units on it? For the last 10 years Needham Ag in Kentucky has been building parts to improve the performance, seed placement and minimise the wear on the individual row units. Better more consistent planting gives better emergence, and puts your crop in the best shape possible to maximise yield. Plants that don’t emerge evenly don’t mature evenly, windows on fungicide applications can be harder to judge etc.

There are a lot of products we can offer to ensure you get the best from your JD 750a Seeder. From better wearing Disc’s to HD seed boots, bush kits to minimise the boot movement, HD boot springs, Spoked Gauge wheels to allow mud out, HD bearings, To the V8 seed firming wheel with Heavy Bearing, Firming wheel and Closing wheel Springs, To Spiked closing wheels for more marginal seeding conditions. We have plenty of options to help you improve your machine with new hardware being developed all the time.

Phil at Needham Ag and I believe in ‘half sown, half grown’ every pass in the field from planting to harvested needs to be right. All hardware is extensively tested in field before becoming available to market, and only the best quality bearings are used.  A new planter may not be the right machine for your situation, simply maintaining and upgrading the performance of your 750a maybe what you need to improve the performance of your crop of keep the running costs down in your business.

With Hardware in stock and more coming, let us know what you need for your winter maintenance now. For more information, Find us on Facebook, or call us on 0275 083 789.

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