What is Proof of placement and whats Proof I was there.

Proof of placement is a word that everyone uses in the farming industry in NZ. With local government implementing nutrient management plans in the next few years farmers will be required to make adjustments to there farming business to demonstrate there ability to work within the environments potential.

There are NZ manufacturers of GPS solutions that claim they offer proof of placement, but lets get one thing very clear. A line on a map or a coverage map with no rates on it is not a proof of placement map, it is merely proof you were there. You could have been there on your pink scooter and you can’t prove it. One of the issues we face in precision ag is data for data’s sake, why collect it if it is no value to you, all you are doing is adding a extra layer of non useful data you have to negotiate.

Proof of placement is not a line on a map where your effluent irrigator went on a website and you manually putting the rate per ha in. That is actually proof you gave your money away, to a company that could not actually offer you the right solution.

True proof of placement data is a useful thing that comes from a GPS piece of hardware with full rate control of the machine it is controlling. For example a sprayer listens to the flow meter to control the rate, to ensure you put the correct amount of chemical on per Ha. The Ag Leader and Whitehead Fertiliser spreader in commercial trucks also regulate the product flow on the machine to ensure you apply the correct amount per Ha, and finally, if applying animal effluent, flow meters can be listened to ensure the correct information is collected on dribble bars and slurry tankers.

Before you say this is a lot of expense for a pretty map, you must realise the reason you invest in this technology is not for the pretty map, it is for the efficiency that it provides in your business. Sprayer controllers give section control, minimise over lap and allow you as a farmer to maximise ROI on chemicals purchased, and maximise productivity of your crop. Controlling the Fertiliser spreader also allows section control to maximise efficiency, minimise overlaps, and allow Variable rate applications.

Variable Rate technology is allowing you as farmers to think outside the box. Explore your farms potential based on soil layers not fences,  trial the outcomes and allow you to explore your farms potential, and arm your business with the knowledge to achieve results, not just believe what the ‘consultants’ say when they come up your drive.

What drives us as Precision Ag specialists is our goal to make you the farmer the controller of your business, give you the choice and tools to maximise your ROI, control the business decisions that will impact your bottom line the most. For this reason the Ag Leader hardware we Service and Support is build to fit older machinery as well as brand new ones. When you sell a machine, take it to the next one, if you have a spreader and sprayer on farm, use the display for both, so you don’t have to buy two. Also with the Ipad app free to customers with the InCommand displays, getting proof of placement maps are now free and at your finger tips, on your computer. After all, the Cloud is actually just someone elses computer.


If you want REAL proof of placement solutions give us a call, we can help you select the right hardware to drive efficiency on your operation that in many case will pay for itself in the first year, and you will get the best proof of placement machine in the industry, and often its very cost effective compared to subscription based services.

Regardless on your field size, and age of your equipment we can help you drive efficiency on farm.

Call us on 0275 083 789 to discuss your requirements.

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