How Useful is your Proof of Placement Data?

Not only is proof of placement data good for record keeping in a spray diary, fertiliser application compliance but its also a important tool for tuning your farm machinery.

Other Companies here in NZ are pretty proud of their hardware how it collects data on a field basis, giving average rates across the whole field. Thats cute, but what does that actually help the farmer with other then compliance?

In the image it shows a small sample of data in a rough field operating a truck mounted sprayer with a fixed displacement spray pump using a reg valve to change target rate.


The main thing this image shows is the applied rate changing in relation to the truck accelerating into the run off the headland. Very real problems we see in modern agriculture is herbicide resistance, and often weed pressure in crops can cause moisture stress in crops also effecting yields, all problems that often stem from poor application control.

So what to do in this situation? you can tune your machine to get it to work as fast as it can, which is what we did here, we changed the way the valve reacted and also changed the thresholds for the rate change to better handle the conditions in the rest of the field. What else can you do here? look at hardware with better valves. This shows the value of good sprayer technology on your farm, and further reason the value of a professional sprayer dealer in your circle of trusted advisers, and of course your Precision Agriculture specialists.

Ag Leaders InCommand displays come with the Agfiniti Proof of Placement App for free. It is an extension of the display and gives you the ability to present the data in a PDF to print or email to build yours or your customers application diary for fields. If you want to show an average application rate for the field like the others do, you can easy, and with SMS software you can present data for integration in your existing Data Management system.

By the way the average application rate for this field was 100.8 l/ha, target was 100l/ha. given all the speed changes, rough conditions, section control working its a very good result,  and will only get better as my customer learns from the data he collects. He now has a window on his business he never had previously.

Good Hardware in your operation will give you guidance, steering, rate and section control in the field. Tools that Help your get the job done on the day at that point of time. Also will give you solid tools for decision support and fine tuning in your business. Tools to help you improve your job, and finally with give you the tools to meet compliance, and all this is often no more expensive then other products in the industry that only do half this. Most importantly give you a far greater return on investment in your business.

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