Row Cleaners on your Maize Planter

Row Cleaners have become Standard hardware on Maize planters set up to work in No-Till and Minimum Till Situations. There are many types in the industry but they all serve the same purpose. To move trash out of the way to stop hair pinning in the seed trench.

We choose to Sell Martin Planter Hardware from Needham Ag to meet the individual requirements of our customers, their floating design allows good ground contact in all conditions.

Many Farmers choose tillage to prepare a fine seedbed, or weed control, or even just to warm the soil, and often farmers don’t accept No-till principals because of these issues.

The challenge is to often get seed in the ground in a timely manor in the spring, when the conditions are right and the soil temperature for consistent emergence, and growth through the season.

Running row cleaners on your machine will actually lift the soil temperature in the row, and with the correct closing wheels and drag chains will provide the seed to soil contact you need to ensure that seed has the correct start.

Here is a Video of Phil at Needham Ag showing the effect on ground temperature with a thermal camera

Needham Ag Thermal Camera Video

For more information about hardware to improve your planters performance give us a call on 0275 083 789

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