Ag Leader InCommand 800G

In need of a basic GPS unit for spraying or spreading operations on your farm?

InCommand 800G display

Recently to meet requirements of the ‘entry level’ Precision Agriculture customer, Ag Leader has Released the 800G and GPS6000 kit. Replacing the ever popular Compass, the 800G shares hardware and functionality of Ag Leaders larger feature rich displays, in a package primarily designed for Guidance use and Autosteer.

Guidance line creation has never been easier with Straight, Curve and Smartpath are all tools available in this large 8.4inch screen, with built in Lightbar

With Boundary creation and Coverage mapping, you know the size of the field, and what is left to cover. and With the Ipad App, simple maps can be created to show the job done (see below).

So why do I want one? well look at the price of the foam markers on sprayers, why would you buy one when you can have a tool like this that can be used for many other operations on your farm! with 2 years warranty and no on going fees. Ag Leader GPS Guidance displays are designed to work hard for you, and as your needs change, we can add Steering, Sprayer control, ISOBUS and more!

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