Martin Spike Closing Systems for Maize Planters

Whether you Run A John Deere, CIH, or Kinze Maize planter, With Martin closing systems we can tailor your machine to your conditions and help you transition to min-till and no-till production systems

You often don’t need a new planter to get the best field results, having a well setup machine with the right hardware on it can get the performance you require.

There are 3 main Components to the Closing systems, they all bolt on to the existing closing wheel assembly, to keep it short, compact and simple. Martin systems are designed not to push down on seed trenches, yet provide the best seed to soil contact, reducing effects of capping and allowing fast even emergence.

The Three Common setups.

  1. 15 inch spike closing wheel and std wheel, with Drag Chain (Top Right picture)
  2. Twin 13 inch spike Closing wheels and Drag Chain (Bottom right picture)
  3. Neeham Twin 20 point poly wheel Closing system (Left picture)

Setup one: 15 inch wheel & standard wheel with Chain: A good all purpose setup for those working lighter soils in No-Till as well as Min-till and cultivated soils, the Spike wheel is designed to push into the ground beside the seed trench to give sidewall shatter and improve seed to soil contact.

Setup two: Twin 13 inch Spiked Closing wheels and Chain: The setup for the Dedicated No-Till user in heavy soils. Designed to contact the ground on both sides of the seed trench, shattering it, giving optimal trench closure for seed to soil contact and better root penetration in the sidewalls of the trench.

Setup three: Twin Needham Ag 20 point poly wheels: Designed to close the seed slot in a wide range of soils, for work in minimum tillage, conventional tillage. These wheels a designed to be light weight to minimise downward compaction, proven to have strong abrasion resistance and long life similar to their steel cousins. Designed to interchange with the Martin spike wheels to give you versatility to swap them out to suit specific conditions

Why Drag Chains? For the situations where a spike wheel is used these are a great tool, they are twisted and made from a high wear steel, Designed to pull a fist full of soil, evening out the top behind Spading closing wheels, they fill any gaps in the and even out the soil for drying. Some customers still believe in some situations cultivation helps emergence through soil warming. often the spike closing wheels and drag chains do an excellent job at this.

Finally if you have a CIH1200, 1250 or 2000 style Planter, Stay tuned for the next Blog where I show you the options we have for those machines.

If you want to know more about any of this gear, give us a call on 0275 083789

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