What is Ag Leaders SteadySteer System?

Have a older tractor or a tractor with out intergrated steering and require Autosteer?

Ag Leaders SteadySteer autosteer system is a complete system that bolts on to your existing steering wheel on your tractor. With Accuracy from GL1DE to RTK, and kits that fit almost any tractor, the Steadysteer system with its fast line acquisition is a truly universal tool for your farming business

SteadySteer on ISEKI T5000
SteadySteer System on a ISEKI T5000

Used in conjunction with Ag Leaders InCommand 800 and 1200 displays, you get an industry leading steering system, AB line Creation, Smartpath, automatically saved for future use, lines kept in groups for fast cycling or recall.

With the Ag Leader InCommands ability to multi task, Planter, Sprayer, Spreader, ISOBUS functions are all able to be controlled by one central points, with up to 9 products at once (InCommand 1200 only).

Auto Steer and full Sprayer Control

So if you want to know more, Give us a call on 0275 083 789

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