Martin Closing Systems for CIH 1200,1250,2000 Series Planters

Often the CASE IH Maize planters have the single tire closing system with closing discs.

CIH 1200 row unit, seen here with Martin 9inch spike closing wheels instead of discs.

There are two main options for the CIH planters.

  1. The Standard 9 inch Spiked Closing wheel system (Below Left), bolts on to the existing hardware where the discs were mounted on the CIH1200 and 1250 row units.
  2. The 9.5 inch cupped razor wheels (Below Right). Also built to replace the Factory disc. The advantage of these with swept back teeth minimise wrapping in tall cover crops. Built for the 2000 series, we can offer these for CIH1200 and 1250 machines as well.

Both systems are designed to provide excellent seed slot closure, in higher moisture soils to ensure good to seed to soil contact and rapid emergence.

Proven with Thousands of Acres on machines here in NZ in No-till, Min-till and Conventional tillage, these are the a great add on to any CIH planter.

If you are interested in knowing more, give us a call on 0275 083 789

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