What’s the Ag Leader Agfiniti iPad app?

Looking for a simple proof of placement tool that works with your versatile Ag Leader InCommand display?

Regardless of whether your Ag Leader display is running a sprayer, spreader, yield monitor or ISOBUS implement. Once connected, a iPad with the Agfiniti app can pull proof of placement maps to your device to keep a record, or print out via PDF to show customers what work was done.

With the ability to Record many different attributes, like Date, Target Rate, Applied Rate, Yield t/ha, Speed, and manual notes with photo’s. Not only can it provide key record keeping, but it can also help you when something is not right. Whether that’s issues from a application or if you are doing larger infield trials and simply draw around a trial in the field and it will give you the results you need.

The Agfiniti app is not limited to Just Maps, There are a few more tricks it can do like Tracking in DisplayCast etc.! All will be reveled in future Blogs.

If you wish to know more, Give us a call on 0275 083 789

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